Where Passion for Vaping and Espresso Meet

The Vapehouse is a one-of-a-kind experience. We take pride in being more than your average vape shop. What makes us unique is that we are a vape shop, and fully equipped espresso cafe. The Vapehouse offers an environment that is comfortable and inviting to everyone. We offer a wide selection of vape products. Ranging from introductory level products to advanced veteran vapers. The Vapehouse is a family-owned business that has a mission to make every customer feel at home. 


It has been proven by the Royal College of Physicians that using non-combustable nicotine delivery systems (such as vaping) are a healthier way to get our nicotine. (95+% Safer)  And it even tastes better.


Vapehouse offers an relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. We are a full cafe that serves fresh roasted coffee and speciality espresso drinks along with a full selection of Vape Products(eCig) and E-Juice. We offer well over 100+ House Juice Flavors as well as a rotating stock of premium liquids from all over the United States.